What You Need to Know Before Scheduling Roof Repair Work

When your home's roof needs repair work of any sort, you don't want to put this off; even though roof repairs can sometimes be expensive, a good roof insulates your home and protects it from water damage. Even one missing shingle can mean letting out heating and air conditioning during winter and summer, and also allowing water to seep into the home, leading to damaged framework and mould build-up. Before you do call for repairs, however, you might consider a few factors about roofing and about working with a roofer, so you know what to ask him or her and what to expect with their work.


A good roofer will always give you a written estimate for the repair work, but not over the phone. A roofer needs to actually examine your roof for himself or herself in order to assess the damage and the amount of repair work it needs, as well as figuring the amount of new materials for those repairs. Even if your home needs an entirely new roof, they will still need to assess the framework, flashing, vents, and other parts of the roof that may need replacement or repair, and ensure the home's frame is strong enough to hold a new roof. Never expect to get an estimate on the phone when scheduling roof repairs, but always expect an in-person inspection.

Brand names

It's good to ask a roofer what brands of tiles and other roofing materials they use, or which ones are available for you. You can then do some research on different brand names and note which tiles, brands of metal roofing, and the like are known to be more durable and long-lasting. Even if you need to invest a little more money in a certain brand, this can be worth the investment if it means having a roof that lasts for years.

Researching roofing materials

Along with brand names, you might do well to learn a bit about roofing materials and your options for repair or replacement. For example, you might not realize the difference between a membrane and a paint, and may assume that fresh paint on your roof is all that's needed to restore it. However, paint won't offer much protection for the roof, or fill in holes and other such damage. Also, if you know the differences between metal roofs, asphalt shingles, clay tiles, concrete tiles, and other roofing options, you can then make the best decision for your home when the roof needs actual replacing