Why Metal Roofing Is the Best Defence Against Mother Nature

Although roofing materials are designed to withstand a battering to ensure your structure has a sturdy shelter, not all roofing materials are equal. While some may be aesthetically pleasing, their downfall could be their lack of resistance against a host of damages. And since your roofing is continuously exposed to the elements, it is imperative to select materials that will be capable of going against Australia's harsh climatic changes and still coming out intact once the worst is over. One such supply is metal roofing. If you are considering roofing a new building or replacing your current roof, here are the reasons why metal roof installation will provide you with the best defence against Mother Nature.

Metal roofing vs high winds and hail

One notable characteristic of meal roofing systems is that they inherently have a high wind rating. What this means for your residence is that even the strongest storms and billowing winds will not detach the metal supplies from your roof, especially when your roofing is newly installed. This advantage cannot be said for most other materials that are in the market.

Asphalt shingles, for example, are renowned for succumbing to high gusts of wind and becoming detached from the structure—not to mention how heavy hail can also cause cracking of the shingles, rendering them useless. As long as you are vigilant regarding the maintenance of your metal roofing, it will be many decades before you can have to start contemplating its replacement.

Metal roofing vs snow

Metal roofing supplies typically have a smooth surface. Although this may seem like an aesthetic attribute, it is also quite functional. The smoothness of the metal roofing facilitates easy movement of snow down the roof and into the gutters, so there is a minimal chance of the precipitation accumulating on the roof. In addition to this, metal roofing is also renowned for reflecting heat. Thus, when the sun peeks out during the winter months, its rays are deflected by the roof. Ultimately, this melts the ice that may have been forming on the surface.

It is worth noting that the collection of snow on your roof does not just pose the risk of leaks. When the snow freezes, it forms ice dams, and these are just as damaging to your roofing structure. Since metal roofing is capable of quickly eliminating snow from its surface, you are also safe from the formation of ice dams!