6 Things That Happen During a Roof Restoration

Many homeowners aren't quite sure what the roof restoration process involves. This is understandable since the average roof can last as much as half a century as is the case with terracotta roofs. Unlike roof repair, which tends to fix minor roof issues, roof restoration involves the entire roof and is a much more thorough process.

During a roof restoration, the following actions will take place.

1. Inspection and Identification of Issues

First, a professional needs to climb up onto your roof to perform an inspection of your roof. They will also enter your roof cavity to look for any signs of leaks or damage. But even after this step, there is still one more process to complete before restoration work begins.

2. Cleaning to Locate any Hidden Issues

Sometimes, the damage is hidden by dirt, lichen or moss. To get a better look at your roof, a good roof restoration service will pressure clean your roof. This will lay bare every inch of your roof and reveal any further issues. Then the real restoration work can begin.

3. Replacement of Roof Sealants

Roof sealants help to keep water out of your roof and to help fill in gaps between sections of your roofing materials. But over time, sealants can shrink or become worn. In this state, your sealant is a liability that could lead to serious leaks. Your roofing service will reapply sealants to ensure that your roof is waterproof.

4. Removal and Replacement of Broken Tiles

Broken tiles also allow rain and especially wind-driven rain to penetrate your roof and cause leaks. So, your roof restoration company will locate and replace all broken tiles they find if you have a tile roof.

5. Replacement of Gutters and Downpipes

Damaged gutters and downpipes can cause water to soak into your roof and your home's foundation. Not only can this damage your home's structure, but it can also attract termites. This is an important step then, and a roof restoration service will take it seriously.

6. Application of Paint

If your roof, whether metal or tile, is old but in fairly good condition, it might simply need a new coat of paint. A good paint will have UV protection as well as waterproofing to ensure that your roof stays cool in the sun and dry in the rain.

A roof restoration can add years or decades to a worn roof. If you suspect your roof might need some TLC, then get in touch with a roof restoration company near you. Otherwise, one tiny issue could lead to roof replacement, not roof restoration.