Four Materials That Are Suitable for Use With Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a very accurate and fast way of cutting and shaping various materials. One of its advantages is that it is suitable for use with a wide variety of materials. Here is a quick guide to some of the materials that can be used in the process. 


Laser cutting is particularly suited to cutting metals as it provides a clean cut and can cut intricate shapes that might not be possible with other methods. All types of metal are suitable for the process, although the less reflective the metal, the more successful the process will be. Very reflective surfaces such as aluminium can interfere with the laser and may be best cut by another method.


Acrylic is a strong and versatile material that can come in various colours. It is also an excellent material for laser cutting. The laser will produce a smooth finish because it will melt the edges, which gives it a polished appearance. Other types of plastic are also suitable for this method of cutting, although you should bear in mind that they react differently and have different melting points.


A third material that is safe to use with laser cutting is wood. The precision and intricacies of the design that the laser can cut are nothing short of remarkable. You should be careful when using plywood however as it may contain glue that can spoil the cut — choose plywood that has been specially made for laser cutting. You should also be careful with MDF as the laser can char the wood. Woods that contain a lot of oils or resin can be a fire risk, so make sure you check that the wood is suitable before cutting.


Foam materials can also be cut with a laser, although care must be taken as they can be prone to melting and catching fire. Polystyrene foam can be particularly troublesome in this respect, and you should also bear in mind that foams can give off toxic fumes when they are heated. As long as you take care, however, foam can be laser cut when you need a precise and accurate cut to shape the foam.

A laser cutting service will be happy to advise you on whether a particular material is suitable for laser cutting. You will then know that your materials are being cut with the correct strength to produce an accurate result.

Reach out to a laser cutting service provider to learn more.