Ways You Can Use Metal Roofing Scraps in Your Tiny Home

One of the goals that many tiny home enthusiasts strive for is to use recycled items and as much of their materials as possible. This helps reduce waste, reduce costs, and give you a more environmentally friendly design option. One building material that can be used in several ways around your tiny home, even the scraps, is metal roofing. If you have used metal roofing, but have a lot of scrap leftover, here is how you can use it.

Rain Chain

If you only have a small amount of metal roofing left, one of the ways you can utilize it is to create a rain chain. A rain chain works as an alternative to a gutter spout. It allows the rainwater to flow down into individual metal or copper cups in the form of a chain. This allows the water to hit the ground and absorb at a rate that reduces water pooling and standing. The rain chain also can make a sound that some people find soothing. If you travel in your tiny home, you can also remove the rain chain and replace it when you are stopped at a caravan park or similar area.

Shelving Units

If you are going for a rustic look in your tiny home, you can use scrap metal roofing to help build shelving units. If you use these units along your wall, you can help reduce energy costs as well. Metal roofing has been shown to cut energy costs by 20%. This can be vital for you in a tiny home since you are likely using a smaller wood or gas heater and small fans for cooling. Keeping your energy costs down by insulating your tiny home with metal roofing scrap as shelving units solves a variety of issues for you and may be the ideal way to utilize that scrap.

Sinks, Shower Walls, and Shutters

If you are trying to use the scrap and reduce your waste and stay on budget, then you may want to consider your sink, shower walls, and shutter areas for your tiny home. All of these areas can benefit from metal roofing scrap. It is very lightweight so you can keep the overall load weight down by avoiding using heavier steel shower enclosures and sinks. The metal helps reduce energy loss, which means that if you are using it for shutters, and those shutters are closed, you are keeping cold air out or warm air in depending on the season and your needs.

These are only a few ways that you can use scrap metal roofing. You can also buy metal roofing with these uses in mind. For pricing and ordering, contact your local metal roofing contractor or supply store.