Simple But Important Home Repairs That Are Easy to Overlook

It's important that you quickly address any and all needed repairs to your home, as even small fixes can help prevent major damage that might develop over time. However, it's often easy for homeowners to overlook simple home repairs, perhaps because they are so simple and are not causing noticeable damage at the moment. Note a few of those repairs here so you better understand why they're important and better understand how to keep your home in good condition.

Air conditioning maintenance

It's important to check the outside housing unit of your home's central air conditioner and note if the grills are covered in leaves, twigs and other debris. This can block air circulation and allow the unit to run hotter than it should, leading to excessive wear and tear and early breakdown.

If there are puddles around the unit, this can mean a refrigerant leak or a blocked drain hose, and these both need to be addressed to the unit runs as it should. You might also open up the unit and clean the fan blades and wipe down the grills to ensure no build-up of dirt and other debris is causing the fan to drag, as this can also mean excess wear and tear and early breakdown of the unit.

Window caulking

It's good to add a line of fresh caulk to your home's window frames every year or as often as needed. Older caulk can get brittle over time, so that it then begins to cracks and pull away from the frame. In turn, your home will be draughty in wintertime and very warm in summertime. These gaps can also allow for water leaks that lead to mould and other such damage to the home's framework.


Gutters help to direct rainwater away from the home so that the windows and foundation are both protected from water damage. Clean the gutters every year, and add a gutter guard to them if necessary, to keep out excess sludge, leaves, twigs and other debris.

If the gutters have pulled away from the home's roof, tighten their connectors, or consider upgrading to larger gutters that can better handle your area's average rainfall without getting weighed down. It's also good to run water through the gutters while inspecting them, so you can check for leaks and then have these patched up as needed. Also, if the gutters have rusted very severely, have them replaced and consider upgrading to a vinyl or PVC material that is corrosion resistant.