Is Your Guttering System Really Protecting Your Home?

As a homeowner, do you fully understand the role of your guttering system? Most people realise that this network of (mainly) plastic components can help to direct rainwater from the surface of the roof down to ground level, but the primary objective is to prevent water infiltration in order to keep the house in as good a condition as possible. This type of penetration can lead to serious issues over time and you'll want to avoid the associated costs, so why should you pay a little more attention to your guttering system than you are already?

Don't Be Passive

When was the last time that you had a good look at the guttering system, cleaned it out or made some overdue repairs? If you're like most people, you may have let this slide, but now that you know what is at stake, it's time to take action.

Efficiency Check

You don't need to wait until it rains to check the efficiency of your guttering system. Roll out the garden hose and aim it onto the roof. Let it run for some time so that it builds up some momentum and then inspect the system carefully to see if there are any leaks. In particular, make sure that the water drains away from the block or brickwork when it arrives at ground level; fit an extension if need be to make absolutely sure.

Crucial Inspection

If you feel up to it, get out your ladder and climb up for an inspection. You may be surprised at what you find languishing in the gutter just under the roof level. Certainly, you should expect to see some leaf debris following the autumn fall, but you may also see twigs, branches and even the odd tennis ball, the result of an over-exuberant throw.

All of this will need to be cleaned out because otherwise it will cause a blockage or an inefficient system, and it may even force the water to penetrate under the eaves and into the attic space.

What's Next?

Of course, you may not have the energy or the confidence to climb ladders. Furthermore, you may have found some areas that need repair but you might not know how to proceed or what tools to use. In either case, you should get in touch with gutter repair experts to help you bring everything back to normal and make sure that your entire system is ready for that next tropical storm.

Contact a professional to help you with your guttering today.