Does Metal Roofing Need a Lot of Maintenance?

If you need to put up a new roof, then you may be thinking about using metal panels. You've seen enough of these kinds of roofs around to know that they look good. However, you aren't sure if this is the most sensible option. You may be worried that a metal roof will need more maintenance than other options such as tiles. Is this true?

Metal Roofs and Cleaning

Some roofs need periodic cleaning. For example, if you have roof tiles, then dirt can get stuck between them. Debris blown onto the roof may stick to rough areas. Water can pool around tiles and leave stains. You may need to have the roof professionally cleaned or pressure-washed if you don't want to do this job yourself.

Metal roofs are better able to self-clean. Their ridged design encourages water to run straight down into gutters and downpipes. This flow takes dirt and debris with it. Plus, the roof gets a clean every time it rains. This reduces the amount of time you have to spend cleaning the roof; it'll look better for longer.

Metal Roofs and Maintenance

You might be worried that exposing metal to the elements will degrade the roof's surface. After all, metal rusts when it gets damp or wet and your roof will get rained on.

You may also be concerned that the top paint layers will start to wear down or fail over time. If something hard hits the roof in a storm, will it chip? Will constant exposure to a hot summer sun make the paint blister and peel off? Will the colour fade in the sun and need repainting or recoating?

Metal roofs are more robust than you might think. While their panels are lightweight, they are strong and resilient. They aren't likely to rust. During the manufacturing process, they are coated with one or more layers of specialist products that inhibit corrosion.

Their top paint layers are also baked on to give the roof added strength. The paint completely bonds to the metal rather than simply sitting on top of it. This prevents problems like chipping, blistering and peeling even if you live in a harsh marine environment. You also don't need to repaint the roof as it ages as it is better able to hold its colour.

If you think a metal roof might be a good option for your home, then ask your roofer for advice. They can talk to you about products such as Colorbond roofing that you could use.