Ways You Can Use Metal Roofing Scraps in Your Tiny Home

One of the goals that many tiny home enthusiasts strive for is to use recycled items and as much of their materials as possible. This helps reduce waste, reduce costs, and give you a more environmentally friendly design option. One building material that can be used in several ways around your tiny home, even the scraps, is metal roofing. If you have used metal roofing, but have a lot of scrap leftover, here is how you can use it. Read More 

Tips for Installing New Shingles Over Old Ones

Installing new shingles over old ones will literally save you time and money. In this case, you must be sure that the new shingles are only installed over one other layer of the old ones. Extra layers may be too heavy to support and could cause a collapse of the roof. Reroofing old shingles is one of the best options, as it saves you the trouble of having to rip off the old roof. Read More